John Kotsidis

Born in Thessaloniki in 1981. From the age of 13, he began to work amateurally with his passion, photography, and from the age of 16, he started his professional pursuits, moving dynamically until today as a freelancer. In this 22-year journey, he moves in the field of Advertising Photography, Fashion-Studio photography and Glamorous Wedding-Baptism, but also contemporary Nightlife. From the time of the film, he uses medium and large format cameras 6×4.5 – 10×12.5 until today with 65mp digital widescreens of the Phase One innovation in combination with the latest DSLRs and faithfully follows the Hi-End developments in the industry (software -hardware), for creating a very special image, aesthetic and lighting. His collaborations and the rich portfolio in this successful course over time include large industrial companies, clothing, hotel units, magazines, restaurants, clubs and above all Wedding and Baptism clients. Well-known politicians, athletes, actors and people from the artistic field, VIPs, businesswomen in Athens, Thessaloniki and abroad are included in the much expanded pleon clientele.

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John Kotsidis

Karolou Koun 7
56430 Stavroupoli


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